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About us

Windrise is a professional fitness(Sports)wear manufacturer, located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Provice, China. We have been in manufacturing of all kinds of active wear and knit wear items since 2009, and worked for a lot of brands in USA, Canada, AU, UK and Europe. We offer customized and stock fitness wear to customers all over the world. Our products range from men's & women's active wear, T-shirts, hoodie, jogger pants. etc. Whether you are a professional purchaser, a self-employed entrepreneur, a branded distributor,  you will quickly understand how accommodating our solution is.

Our mission is “Do every little thing well”,make entrepreneurship accessible, dependable, and fulfilling for you and our worldwide community.

There are plenty of manufacturers out there, many with several years’ experience, however, there are some clear reasons why you should choose us.

Designing the sportswear apparel is only one stage of the process and to progress from the design to the finished garments which will require detailed tech packs, development, samples, sourcing and production, all of which need to hit your target price so you can launch a commercial product.

We offer a complete service to help you create your sportswear apparel; from the brand identity, initial design, through sourcing, sampling, production management. This complete suite of services guarantees the design can be produced to hit your target price at the desired performance and quality, as we understand the capabilities and can source the fabrics from synthetics to organic cotton and components from our huge library to make sure it hits your target price.

All of the order directly with our clients, just like a builder of a house would work directly with a client rather than the architect trying to build or sub contract the build. Orders are placed directly with the factory and they areal happy for 3rd party QC or AQL visits and reports taking place while production is being carried out.

If you are looking for a sportswear factory, please request a free quotation here and talk to us to understand the advantages of working with us.



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