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REFORM help ethnic minorities earn more

REFORM help ethnic minorities earn more

Klee Klee is an environmentally friendly clothing brand owned by Chinese fashion group ZUCZUG. They not only focus on eco friendly fabric clothing, but also pay attention to social welfare undertakings. Strong social responsibility is its most attractive place.

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The RE:FORM old clothes rebirth project is one of the masterpieces.more than recyclable clothing materials, it’s much meaningful.

The RE: FORM old clothes rebirth project is an environmental protection project launched by the Green Initiative in 2016. Klee Klee and ZUCZUG have always been long-term participants in the project.

This project is mainly to recycle and process old clothes, and finally donate the processed old clothes to children in mountainous areas as needed or to eco friendly clothing materials. Clean but not wearable textiles will be processed into small daily objects for sale. clothes made from recycled materials and recycled clothing to useful items. All the proceeds will be used to support the education of disadvantaged children.

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Another interesting project is the Chinese Ethnic Minority Cultural Development and Protection—Naze Naze Dulong project (hereinafter referred to as the Naze Naze Project).

The Dulong ethnic group is one of the least populated ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province. It is located in a village of the Dulong ethnic group in the lofty mountains. The road was not accessible until 2016, and the economic development is relatively backward.

The name of the naze naze project is taken from the Dulong language, which means "weaving slowly", and the main purpose is to help the local economy.


Unlike ordinary clothing companies, the naze naze project did not use donations to assist the local area, but chose the method of teach people how to earn.

The naze naze project will organize a group of young Dulong women for technical training, and then let the weaver girls return to their hometowns to organize the production of local Dulong carpets.


After training, these weaver girls have mastered more professional textile technology, combining modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship.

Not only that, they also learned to use computers. Some Weaver Girls also opened Taobao stores and did live broadcasts to let more people know about Dulong carpets.

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With the support of the naze naze project, the income of the weaver girls has gradually become considerable. The basic income of the weaver girls participating in the naze naze project is 2,000 yuan per month. This income is quite good.

When you see this, you might say: "My part-time job at Starbucks is higher than this salary, right?" But you should know that in 2016, Dulongjiang Township's monthly income per capita was about 365 yuan. In such a comparison, the naze naze project really made them richer.

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Whenever we look at a large pile of clothes that have been idle for a long time in our closet, lying there like garbage, we can't help but wonder, do we really need so many clothes?

Green fashion has never been a goal that can be achieved by clothing brands alone. As ordinary consumers, we might as well start by slowing down the pace of consumption and buying fewer clothes.



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