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Chinese sustainable brand Klee Klee

 Chinese sustainable brand Klee Klee

As a recycled nylon fabric suppliers , Fitfever cares recycled brands and would like to share with people who care fashion sustainability.

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Klee Klee is an environmentally friendly clothing brand owned by Chinese fashion ZUCZUG. sport wear supplier may not familiar with it, but As early as 2010, the brand whose name means "take your time" in Tibetan has already started its own path to environmentally friendly fashion. After ten years of exploration, Klee Klee found his own answer to environmentally friendly clothing. What’s the most sustainable fabrics have they used? Let's check!

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In terms of design, Klee Klee removed the obvious logo and paid more attention to the daily wear of the clothing. Klee Klee is like the clothes that everyone will have in their wardrobe. The color matching and tailoring are mainly clean and neat, without too many bells and whistles.

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No celebrity influencers to bring traffic, no supermodels to set off, Klee Klee will often invite environmental protection practitioners, teachers or baristas and other veterans to shoot brand styling records.They are on their way with most sustainable materials for clothing in their minds.

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Since its establishment. It has insisted on using environmentally friendly materials to make clothes. Let’s see the interesting materials they used.

soft organic cotton

Compared with traditional cotton planting, organic cotton will use non-GMO cotton seeds to reduce the negative impact of cotton planting on the environment and at the same time reduce farmers’ costs. So Klee is ken to organic cotton instead of selling cloth made from recycled materials.

In addition, the environment for planting organic cotton is also very particular. Generally speaking, eco-friendly cotton needs to be planted on soil where pesticides and fertilizers have not been used for more than three years, and pesticides and fertilizers cannot be used when planting. Therefore, eco-friendly cotton will be softer than ordinary cotton.

Natural animal fluff

Klee Klee's primary color series is also very worthy of attention. Since I have a physique that is allergic to wearing sweaters, I rarely buy sweaters. However Klee Klee sweaters do not stick to the flesh, and I have no allergies even after wearing them with sensitive skin.

This friendly touch is all due to his family's use of chemical-free environmentally friendly wool, yak fleece and other natural animal fleece.

Environmentally friendly dyeing process

With high-quality raw materials, a good dressing process is also needed. Therefore, Klee Klee has also developed many environmentally friendly dyeing processes.

For example: natural color, plant dyeing, denim ozone washing and Indigo Juice (commonly known as blue dye).

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The Let’s Blue series is Klee Klee's most popular series. The protagonist of this series is environmentally friendly denim.

This environmentally friendly denim uses the environmentally friendly dyeing process mentioned with organic cotton as the raw material.

Klee Klee environmentally friendly dyeing processes can effectively reduce water consumption by 50%, and do not use chemicals such as bleach, reducing chemical pollution.

Generally, Klee Klee's clothing is very much in line with the current trend of "slow fashion", manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting clothing.



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