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The evolutionary history of sports bra

When wearing traditional bra to exercise, the shoulder straps often slip and the chest often shakes, which not only causes pain, but also accelerates the sagging of the chest.

This is because women breasts are mainly composed of upper fat, which is small in density and inelastic, and is connected to the thoracic cavity by ligaments. The ligament itself does not have the function of cushioning. If it is often over-drawn, the ligament will become thinner and longer like an aging rubber band and lose its elasticity.


high impact sports brazip front sports brasports bra tank top, a variety of fitness bras didn’t come out in one night. Let’s see how they come to our lives.

The inventor of sports bra, Lisa Lindahl, used to run in traditional bra. Lisa, who runs 30 miles a week, has been troubled by chest pain and potential risks during exercise.
After jokingly trying on men's sports shockproof underwear, Lisa suddenly had the inspiration to wrap the elastic band wrapped around the man's waist around the woman's chest and cross it behind her back. In this way, the first shock-proof sports bra for running came out.

1617073796(1sport bra revolution first sport bra in the world

As soon as sports underwear came out, it immediately became a best seller in underwear stores. In the first year, 25,000 pieces of running underwear were sold.


sport bra trand in 1950 from glamour 

strapless sports bra running in 1950’s glamour

sport bra 1960's from glamour 

1960’s by glamour


 1970 sport bra style by glamour


1970 fitness bra


1617074215(1sport bra revolustion 1990



  sport bra history 2000

2020's sport bra history

sport bra history revolution 2010

crossback bra in 2010s


In 1970, during the era of equal rights for women in the United States, more women began to run ad exercise due to the influence of the equal rights movement. At that time, women's demand for functionality.

At that time, the status of traditional sexy underwire bra remained unshakable.

As modern women become more independent, they no longer pay attention to whether they are "sexy and charming" to please male, but pay more attention to the symmetrical health of their bodies. The change in body aesthetics has also led to changes in underwear consumption behavior.


According to a report by the data agency EBITED, among the 80 bra retailers worldwide in 2017, the sales of traditional rim-supported bra decreased by 50% year-on-year, while the new rimless bra increased by 18% year-on-year, and sports bra increased by 27%.


In 2019, CBNData released the "Sports bra Trending Trend Research Report". In the report, the market share of sports bra with higher support strength has risen significantly, with an increase of 20 times in 2018 compared with 2016. Among them, the market share growth rate of medium support strength bra is more prominent.



Just like carrying the eco-friendly bag with the lululemon logo, wearing Adidas coconut sneakers might not be on the way to the gym, sports bra is also better integrated to meet the dual needs of daily street and fitness exercises.



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